Alpine Skiing Ames IA

Nothing combats winter blues like enjoying and afternoon hitting the slopes in the great outdoors. Skiing has been popular adventure activity with outdoor enthusiasts for generations.

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Alpine Skiing

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Alpine Skiing

Finding your ‘Rocky Mountain High’

Massive mountains dusted with fresh white powder cry out to adrenalin junkies, tempting them to come and conquer. Answering the call of the wild, skiers grab their gear, slap on a pair of well-worn skis and tempt their fate at slicing up the best mountains around. ‘Head north and head high’: the motto of alpine purists.

Ski history reads like an adventure thriller. When cross-country skiing failed to satisfy, thrill seekers hunted out higher altitudes from which to launch their skis. Skiers grappled taller ascents and raced down hills, hooked on the velocity but bummed by the climb up afterwards.

With the advent of modern ski lift infrastructure, skiers climbed even higher, searching out that high octane rush with bullet descents. North Americans claimed the Rockies, while the Swiss took on the Alps. Japan holds the record for the most ski resorts in any country at 700, mostly populated by young ‘freetas’ or rebels refusing to buy into the country’s renowned workaholic culture. Even Australia - typically associated with beach bums rather than snow bunnies - claims acres of ski terrain in Victoria and Tasmania.

Blessed with cold months that drag on forever and equally long untamed slopes, Canada’s ski culture lives and breathes winter. Whistler , the Mecca of Canadian ski, leads the pack of death-defying slopes. Glamorous outer shells and stylish boots seen on the slopes of Northstar-at-Tahoe in California make this sport as much a fashion event as a chance to race down hills at cut-throat speed.

Zooming Down the Hill

Technical challenges invigorate pros but can intimidate novice skiers. Along with the idea of strapping two sticks to their feet, new skiers must contend with control and speed of descent. Don’t worry - we have your back.

Intimate moments with pine trees may be the kind of unplanned encounter that you’d rather skip, but learning to sidestep the tree is what it’s all about. After all, zooming down hills like a cheetah ignites an invigorating, addictive rush - trust us. If you plan on family outings , get the kids skiing early - the younger, the better. While it can be worrisome setting youngsters free on the slopes, you’ll be setting them up for a lifetime as ski aficionados.

Not convinced you have what it takes to tame the slopes? Enroll yourself in a class and avoid an unexpected yard sale - you know, when your body goes one way but your gear soars off in all other directions. Good instructors push new skiers beyond the basics. Forget the old saying ‘those who can’t, teach.’ Grab an instructor with shredding experience, and soon you’ll be carving like the Olympic ski team. One bit of advice: start off slow and master the ‘snowplow’ before setting your sights on the black diamond.

Sign o’ the Times

Ski slopes don’t come with road maps or speed limits, but decoding the signage on each hill is as essential as learning to stop. Different countries use differ...

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