Assessing Your Boating Needs Nashua NH

Before you hit the water, take the Nomadik boating needs assessment to find the best way to meet your nautical needs.

Erie Canal Cruise Lines
(716) 262-5661
714 Union St
Manchester, NH
Erie Canal Cruise Lines

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Windham Marine
(603) 893-7032
60 Rockingham Rd Unit 9
Derry, NH
Dockside Marina
(603) 893-8882
321 N Main St
Derry, NH
Nault'S Honda
(603) 669-7220
420 Second St
Manchester, NH
Rockingham Boat Repair & Sales Inc
(603) 329-4481
553 State Route 111
Derry, NH
Nashua Marine
(603) 880-0251
16 Progress Ave Ste 2
Nashua, NH
Nault's Windham Honda Kawasaki
(603) 898-4466
60 Range Rd
Derry, NH
Massabesic Yacht Club
(603) 623-9978
RR 28
Manchester, NH
Bri Weld Industries
(603) 622-9480
55 Gold Ledge Ave
Derry, NH
Fay's Boat Yard
(603) 293-8000
71 Varney Point Rd
Gilford, NH
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Assessing Your Boating Needs

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Assessing Your Boating Needs

Picking the perfect “hole in the water”

Some say the definition of a boat is “a hole in the surface of the water into which money is thrown.” But whether you're dropping pennies or 20-dollar bills will depend on the model you choose and your ability to spot a nautical lemon.

What Floats Your Boat?

Before you decide to go new or used , it's best to do a needs assessment first. Like RVs , boats are not a one-size-fits-all purchase. Most boats are designed for specific purposes, and pushing them beyond their engineered limits can put everyone on board at risk. Unless you're facing gale conditions, you won't be able to water ski behind a sailboat, and you can't rely on the wind to blow your powerboat ashore when you run out of gas.

  • Analyze your activities: Determine the water activities you enjoy most. If you want to spend a quiet summer sailing, renting a JetSki for the odd afternoon may satisfy your adrenaline needs.
  • Lone wolf or pack animal: Who will be boating with you? Will you be fishing with a buddy or taking the whole family? The number of passengers will determine how much space you need for sitting, socializing and sleeping.
  • Day tripper or houseboat: If you plan on using the boat for overnight sleeping, you'll have to take cabin space into consideration. Both the number of beds and how easily they convert will be a factor.
  • Which waterway will you wander: Boats designed for small inland lakes and those engineered to take the big waves of the open ocean aren't interchangeable. Smaller boats aren't safe on large bodies of water, including certain Great Lakes, and larger boats will get run aground in shallow waterways.
  • The tinker factor: Some people love tinkering with high-maintenance boats, while others would rather undergo a root canal without anesthetic than mess with their vessel. Make sure your boat selection keeps pace with your maintenance abilities and desire to get your hands dirty....

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