Beginner’s Guide to Outdoor Life Cantonment FL

Camping and hiking are exhilarating activities that allow outdoor-life enthusiasts to communicate with nature and the environment.

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Beginner’s Guide to Outdoor Life

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Beginner's Guide to Outdoor Life

Inside information on the outdoor life

If you think outdoor adventures are just for adrenaline junkies, check your assumptions at the door. Whether you long to be rocked to sleep by waves lapping on shore or itch to pitch your tent on Saharan dunes, you're answering the call of the wild. But embracing the outdoors doesn't mean ditching safety and preparation. Careful planning, appropriate equipment and maybe a few new skills will ensure the adventure you get is the adventure you were hoping for.

Want to get up-close and personal with your Magellan GPS , or want to know which emergency items no nomad should be without? A short and sweet introduction to the basics of outdoor life, The Beginner's Guide to Outdoor Life brings you up to speed - fast.

Most outdoor adventure enthusiasts insist you'll learn more with your first dip of the paddle than by reading an entire library, but some planning can help you avoid an unscheduled trip to the hospital or early return home. The Nomadik Community, a team of intrepid travelers, gives you the heads-up on the rookie mistakes most experts neglect to mention. Whether you're RVing in Yosemite, climbing Mount Everest or camping in the Grand Canyon , you'll need to know the navigational basics that cross all Nomadik niches.

Been There, Done That

Even the most experienced adventurers can forget a piece of equipment or item of clothing. You can do without a forgotten toothbrush or change of socks, but how will you light a fire when you're a full day's hike into backcountry without flint or matches? The further you stray from “civilization,” the more essential your gear becomes. But generic approaches don't work. What you need for a week of camping at Fathom Five won't sustain your day trek through Glacier . No matter what kind of venture you have in mind, our in-depth checklists have you covered.

Pretty as the scenery is from your car window, there's much, much more to adventure t...

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