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Bad weather can really dampen your outdoor adventure plans. Being weather wise will make for safer trips in the great outdoors. Please read on for more detailed information in the following article.

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Being Weather Wise

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Being Weather Wise

Fickle forecasts

While cityscapes have fairly stable weather, all bets are off when you head out on an outdoor adventure. Although the weather forecast may be idyllic in lower-altitude environments, the temperature and weather can be ferocious at higher altitudes . Physical geography and the remoteness of wilderness zones can create micro-climates rife with unpredictable storms. Don't get caught in a deluge unprepared:

  • Check the weather conditions before you head out.
  • Carry reliable rain gear.
  • Bring extra layers of clothing.
  • Take cues from the clouds .
  • Respond swiftly when lightning threatens.

Do Your Homework

Although the long-range forecast may call for sunny and warm weather, the location itself may tell a different story. Don't put your faith in a fair-weather forecast if the location is normally wet, cold and windy. Before you pack for your trip, investigate recent weather patterns for other possible scenarios. Not sure where to begin your research?

  • Consult guide books.
  • Drop our editor an e-mail and ask for destination-specific information.
  • Talk to rangers; call ranger stations before you leave.
  • Ask friends and coworkers who've visited the area.

Tune In

General reports covering an entire state, province or region won't be of much use to outdoor enthusiasts. Elevation can affect weather, and even which side of the mountain you climb will make a difference - the windward side receives significantly more precipitation than the leeward side. Wilderness zones can also create micro-climates that cause sudden weather shifts. To get location-specific reports that will help you plan your trek safely turn to

  • The Weather Channel: Whether you access the latest reports via cable television or our front page , this weather watchdog gives short- and long-range forecasts and radar pictures.
  • Local newspapers: Most newspapers contain a short and five-day forecast provided by a local meteorologist.
  • Portabl...

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