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Boating is a healthy way to spend the summer outdoors. Whether you're a solo sailor or have the whole family in tow.

Revolutions Power Sports
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Lund's Landing Lodge
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Westgate Marine
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Collision Center
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Revolutions Power Sports
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George's Prop Repair
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Lake Sakaawea State Park
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Let's Go Boating

Rapids, rivers and riptides

From Christopher Columbus's original extreme adventure to Uncle Bob's latest fishing (tall) tale, the open seas tempt us to discover something no one else has seen. But our time afloat doesn't have to take us to exotic locations or leave everything we own smelling like fish. Whether you want to socialize, escape, commune with nature or test your limits, the water is the perfect place do whatever floats your boat.

Destination Relaxation

Unless you're into regattas, rush hour on the waves is almost non-existent. And there's no rat race waiting for you once you're aboard either. Without constant interruptions from e-mail, deadlines and cell phones (which can be a dangerous distraction to boaters) you're free to soak up the sights, chat up your companions or commune with the natural elements no office window can supply.

Need more reasons to get on the water? A variety of studies have found that people who get outdoors or spend time in nature on a regular basis are more satisfied with their lives overall than their concrete jungle-bound mates. Whether you're heading out for a two-week summer retreat or a few hours of fishing on a Sunday morning, boats are the perfect getaway vehicle for your nature escape.

Natural Wonders

Not only are outdoor enthusiasts happier than their cubicle-bound comrades, they're more environmentally conscious. Getting up-close and personal with nature while on vacation tends to put green practices on your permanent radar. If you fish and boat regularly, you'll likely take your eco-friendly practices home along with your trout.

Did you know that water activities also help fund the future? Boating and fishing license fees help pay for safety campaigns that save lives and conservation programs that preserve water resources. Motorboat fuel taxes and special taxes on fishing equipment and tackle also go toward restocking fish resources.

Whether you're sailing the Great Lakes, JetS...

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