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The Brunton Atlas MNS GPS device combines Bruton's Multinavigational System with the functionality and usability of its Atlas system. Please read on for more detailed information in the following article.

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Brunton Portable GPS Devices

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Brunton Portable GPS Devices

Modern technology and cartographic advancement

The Brunton Atlas MNS GPS device is the most recent product to be released by Brunton. The Atlas MSN GPS device combines Bruton's Multinavigational System with the functionality and usability of its Atlas system. The dual processor that has been incorporated into this innovative and progressive GPS device allows for industry-leading speed and information processing.

Within seconds of activating this device, the Atlas MNS GPS receiver begins locking onto satellites and producing coordinates and other cartographic data. The Atlas MNS also offers many useful features that will assist any outdoor-life enthusiast in the backcountry. Some of these features include an altimeter, weather information, barometric readings, etc. As well, the advanced Atlas MNS system allows for signal acquisition in weather conditions and environments that interfere with the signal acquisition of other devices .

Features & Specifics

  • 5.8” x 2.6” x 1.3” / 7.0 oz
  • 12 channel parallel GPS & WAAS receiver
  • Antenna port for connecting optional external GPS+WAAS FA-8 antenna
  • Dual processor for faster updates and scrolling
  • Waterproof/Submersible
  • Direct access TrueMagnetic compass points you in the direction of a stored waypoint, without moving
  • StraightHome: simple one button find your way back home, for the simplest navigation
  • StormWatch barometer – displays current pressure & pressure trends
  • Weather display next 12 hour weather trend
  • Altimeter display with accuracy down to 1 meter (3 feet) – Immediately after calibration
  • Built in background map of U.S. and Hawaii
  • Expandable mapping with optional Info & Topo memory cards available
  • Download maps from Mapcreate™ & Mapcreate Topo electronic mapping programs
  • Also compatible with Navionics® mapping
  • Up/download waypoints and routes from common mapping programs
  • Outputs NMEA version 3
  • 40 map zoom r...

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