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Techno gear pertains to three different camping gear accessories: portable GPS devices, compasses, and water filters & purifiers. Please read on for more detailed information in the following article.

Fast Eddie's Amarillo
(806) 355-2540
1619 S. Kentucky St.
Amarillo, TX
Buckley Striper Guide Service
(972) 345-8516
71 Pine Drive
Pottsboro, TX
Mariachi De Mi Tierra
(915) 564-4868
2630 Grant Ave
El Paso, TX
Woodlands Boxing and Fitness
(281) 298-2858
466 Rayford ste. 106
Spring, TX
Chinese Martial Arts Fitness
(832) 416-1732
276 Pasadena Town Square
Pasadena, TX
Prices and/or Promotions
$110 Monthly

Sugarland Mixed Martial Arts
(281) 313-5562
13475 SoutWest Freeway
Suagarland, TX
Avila Soccer
(512) 363-7992
8863 Anderson Mill Road
Austin, TX
Marine Ice Chests
your phone number
12400 State Hwy
Austin, TX
Hardball Academy
(409) 354-1717
605 White Oak Pointe
League City, TX
Always Hooked Up Fishing
(409) 440-3251
4150 Church Rd
Galveston, TX

Camping Accessories

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The great outdoors goes high-tech

The urban jungle has turned into a high-wired act with Wi-Fi laptops at every café and iPods clipped to every sleeve. While an outdoor adventure is the perfect way to unplug, even technophobes should reconsider the role technology can play in reconnecting to the great outdoors. While we're not recommending you bring your Xbox to Banff or spend your nights under the stars playing Wii, there are some precision instruments every outdoor enthusiast should consider packing. These modern items will help keep you safe, secure and healthy - whether climbing mountains , canoeing rivers or hiking backcountry trails. They won't do the dishes, but they will free your mind from worry and let you concentrate on all the good things the outdoor life has to offer.

Don't leave home without these outdoor life techno gadgets:

  • Compasses : Whether you want a classic analog compass to point you in the right direction or an easy-to-read digital version, compasses are a must on every outdoor enthusiast's list. From highly accurate baseplate models to mirrored compasses suited to mountainous terrain, Nomadik has checked out a range of directional devices to suit your outdoor needs.
  • GPS devices : These can track anything from rowboats on a river to hikers lost on a national trail. Once considered a geek gadget, these are now an essential piece of gear for everyone from commuters to outdoor life enthusiasts. Accurate to a few feet almo...

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