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Skiing, snowboarding and cross-country fans respond to the call of the wild. Stop buying useless stuff, check out for gear that’s tuff.

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Cross-Country Skiing - Buying Cross-Country Skis

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Buying Cross-Country Skis - New, Used or Rent

Sliding off with the best deal

Cross-country skiing may just be the perfect sport. Not limited to ski resorts that charge exorbitant amounts for chair lifts, cross-country skiing can be practiced anywhere there's a healthy layer of snow. Beginners can pick up the skills needed easily, and equipment sells for considerably less than alpine skiing gear .

Lightweight yet sturdy, cross-country skis help the skier self-propel over various terrains and snow conditions, not just down a slope. Unlike alpine skis with hard, fixed boots, cross-country bindings keep a skier's toes fastened while the heel remains free for striding and gliding.

Two categories of skis exist: traditional and waxless . Textured bases of waxless skis grip the snow and move the skier forward. Traditional skis require specific waxes depending on the snow conditions.

Inexpensive cross-country skis sell for less than $200, but prices plunge even further if you buy early at outdoor adventure shows or in the spring when many shops clear out remaining stock. You'll love that a quality pair lasts a long time. And if you're not sure you'll fall in love with the sport or just want an extra set, buying used is a great way to get what you need without taking out a second mortgage. Renting is another great option since most ski resorts offer rental equipment.

Before buying new or used cross-country skis, ask yourself a few simple questions:

  • Where do you ski - Do you prefer packed snow and preformed groomed tracks, or are you more of a trailblazer?
  • Speed or stability - What's your approach - a relaxed afternoon soaking up the beauty of nature or a turbo-charged plunge toward adventure in the backcountry?
  • What kind of terrain - Moderate or rough?

If you stick to packed snow or groomed tracks and like speed and moderate terrain, consider rigid, narrow skis with little to no sidecut. Traditional long skis without metal edges...

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