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If you’re only taking a day hike or a short camping trip you may want to consider taking a daypack instead of a larger and heavier full-scale backpack.

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Day Packs

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Backpacks for Day Tripping

For a day in the outdoors

If you're only taking a day hike or a short camping trip you may want to consider taking a daypack instead of a larger and heavier full-scale backpack with you. It doesn't really matter what you're doing as there's bound to be a daypack that's suited to carry your gear and other items. Daypacks are often used by school students and by outdoor enthusiasts. Climbers, snowboarders, and skiers will often use specialized daypacks - such as hydration packs - which are made to carry an internal supply of water that you can suck out via a straw to rehydrate yourself without having to stop and open a bottle of water.

Some daypacks are also made for specific seasons - such as the winter. These models will come with attachments and loops for skis, snowboards and trekking poles, etc.

Daypacks come in various sizes so make sure you look for one that's large enough for your gear. They also come with different numbers of pockets and compartments. Most daypacks will have one or two large compartments that can be sealed with a zipper and then will have a number of smaller zippered or mesh pockets for carrying smaller items and personal items.

Weight can also be an important feature of a daypack, and they also come in various weights. Most models come with padded backing, a hip belt and shoulder straps to make it easier and more comfortable for you to haul around your gear. Some daypacks come with an aluminum stay to help yo...

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