Drinking Water Safety Ankeny IA

People always say never eat yellow snow, but how do you know if your drinking water is safe? Get your answers at Nomadik.com. Please read on for more detailed information in the following article.

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Drinking Water Safety

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Drinking Water Safety

The truth is hard to swallow

One of the most dangerous myths of outdoor life is that water sources far from smoggy cities and industrial pollutants are pure and therefore safe to drink. Unfortunately, even water that is as clear as the proverbial mountain stream can be full of stomach-churning microscopic life. Algae, bacteria, viruses and parasites are not limited to exotic third-world locations. Every state in the U.S. has been exposed to giardia, a parasite that wreaks havoc with the intestinal tract. So leave your misconceptions at home and bring your water filters and purifiers.

While boaters, RVers and campers with cars can store enough bottled water for the entire trip - or buy more along the way - backcountry campers and mountain climbers can't carry enough water for their multi-day treks . To be safe, when your bottled water runs out, consider all natural water sources hazardous to your health until properly treated.

Best Water Sources

Swamps, ponds and standing pools are more likely to contain microbial life that won't agree with you than fast-moving streams and rivers. Unless you're about to die of dehydration , take the time to find clear, fast-running water to treat.

If your only source of running water is muddy - like the Colorado River on the floor of the Grand Canyon - you can use it, but be aware that it takes an extra step and will leave grit in your teeth. Let the water stand until the silt settles to the bottom. Scoop the clear water off the top and treat it.

Guarding Against Giardia

While there are many strains of bacteria, viruses and parasites that can send you scurrying to the bathroom, giardia is wide-spread and particularly nasty. Described as "The Who's Who of digestive system ailments," giardia delivers a high-octane variation of diarrhea that always requires medical attention. This parasite is so potent that a toothbrush dipped in a contaminated stream is all it takes to infect your system. ...

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