Fishing Boats Rapid City SD

Fishing is one part skill, one part luck and two parts your boat. Having the right boat can make the difference between a measly catch and tale worth telling for years to come.

Interstate Auto And Boat
(605) 787-6771
11806 JB Road (I-90 Exit 48)
Black Hawk, SD
Sheridan Lake Marina
(605) 574-2169
16451 Sheridan Lake Rd
Rapid City, SD
Four Seasons Sports Center
(605) 342-1110
1600 E Saint Patrick St
Rapid City, SD
Rapid Marine
(605) 348-4151
744 1/2 Jackson Blvd
Rapid City, SD
Land & Marine Developments Inc
(888) 673-9010
3211 Bunker Dr
Rapid City, SD
Pactola Pines Marina
(605) 343-4283
23060 Custer Gulch Rd
Rapid City, SD
Black Hills Powersports
(605) 342-5500
3005 Beale St
Rapid City, SD
Black Hills Marine
(605) 348-9041
1897 E Centre St
Rapid City, SD
Rice Honda Suzuki
(605) 342-2242
301 Cambell St
Rapid City, SD
United Rentals
(605) 336-3670
1201 W. 51st St.
Sioux Falls, SD
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Fishing Boats

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Fishing Boats

Fishing for compliments or trout

Whether you want to sit silently in the early hours waiting for a nibble or spend your afternoons chasing a blue marlin on the open seas, fishing has an almost universal appeal. If your idea of fishing takes you beyond the dock, the fish you wish to fry will determine the kind of boat you need. Although these are technically powerboats , differences in design and horsepower will determine where they take you while chasing your chosen catch of the day.

Freshwater Fishing

Freshwater fishing leaves the big, powerful boats on the dock. In order to make your way along rivers, shallow lakes or streams, travel light with just the right amount of power. Grab a fishing buddy and escape to quiet rivers and lakes, in a fiberglass or an aluminum boat equipped with a light engine and space for two or three. For family outings, consider a larger boat like a bowrider, runabout or walleye with a small or dual console motor.

Bass Fishing

Not the kind of craft you'd take the family for a day cruise on, these boats are sleek, flashy and lightning-fast. Riding low in the water, these colorful vessels slice the waves with speed, but while their fiberglass or aluminum hulls are light, their price tags can be hefty. With specialized add-ons, bass boats are for serious sport and tournament fishing. Most models have bow and stern platforms for casting, while dream-versions have bow-mounted trolling motors.

Inshore Saltwater Fishing

Often called flat or bay boats, most saltwater fishing vessels are less than 23 feet long and have a single outboard motor. Light and flat, this design will take you to shallow water for access to prime tropical fish, yet it will also provide the deck space you need to cast the perfect lure.

Offshore Saltwater Fishing

Want bigger fish to fry? If your idea of fishing involves the open ocean and a catch Hemingway would envy, you'll need stout tackle and a boat capable of handling any condi...

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