Four Season - Expedition Tents Boiling Springs SC

A four season tent, which is sometimes known as an expedition or mountaineering tent, is one that allows you to camp year round, during any season. Please read on for more detailed information in the following article.

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Four Season - Expedition Tents

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Four Season/Expedition Tents

Year round camping

A four season tent, which is sometimes known as an expedition or mountaineering tent, is one that allows you to camp year round, during any season. It's designed to provide you with shelter even in the harshest of elements and weather conditions. These tents are ideal for winter camping. They're built to keep you warm inside, while fighting back the wind and snow as it howls against your door on the outside.

The reason four season tents can withstand the winter weather is because most are typically designed with an extra pole or two to strengthen their outer walls. Most winter tents are also made in a rounded dome design. This is so the snow has no flat plane to land on and build up on them. The rounded design will allow snow and ice to slide off as it accumulates.

A lot of four season tents are also designed for camping on mountain ledges and other small or cramped areas because of the unpredictable weather and terrains you may be exposed to.

Although four season/expedition tents are ideal for winter camping, they are also suited for warmer weather camping. This is because they are generally well ventilated. However the extra poles will make them heavier than a three-season tent . This, of course, means they will be a little heavier to lug around during the milder months.

These days the weather can be so unpredictable, and the world's climate and weather patterns are becoming more extreme year after year. So a four season tent can be a life-saver if you happen into a snowstorm in late spring or early fall. After all, it's always a good idea to be prepared for the worst weather conditions whenever possible.

The design of four season tents is pretty similar to three season tents in most cases. Both come with vestibules and inside pockets for your storage needs. They also have one or more doors and windows for easy access, and ventilation purposes. Most four season tents are made out of strong, protec...

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