Green RVing Bayville NJ

Many think of RV's as massive gas guzzlers however there are ways to travel in your RV without doing too much damage to our planet. Please read on for more detailed information in the following article.

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Green RVing

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Green RVing

Preserving the environment you're enjoying

Pristine countryside, mountain ranges and nature are one of the biggest reasons to go RVing. But we're loving nature to death with emissions, litter and souvenir gathering . Despite the gas-guzzling reputation, RVers use fewer resources than the average household - less water, less heat and less electricity. Still, every little bit counts. Follow the tips below to further preserve the environment and your pocketbook:

Don't Be Fuel-ish

  • Drive the speed limit. Fuel consumption skyrockets when you hit 60 mph.
  • Plan your trips so you stay in one location longer. Once there, walk, bike or paddle to where you want to go.
  • Stick to roads your RV can handle.
  • Keep your engine well-tuned to save on gas and reduce emissions.
  • Where possible, use bio-diesel fuels.
  • Use solar energy where possible.

Trash Talk

  • Keep a trash can for mixed recyclables when on the road. Empty it according to campground recycling rules, which can vary.
  • Dispose of all trash properly, taking it with you if necessary.
  • Avoid using disposable items like Styrofoam and plastic plates and cups. Buy unbreakable dishes.

Pet Peeves

  • Don't let your dog run wild. It can dig up native plants and disturb fragile eco-systems.
  • Never tie your dog to a tree, which can damage the bark. Instead, use a screw-in stake or keep him inside.
  • Use biodegradable bags when you "stoop and scoop."
  • Dispose of animal waste according to the ca...

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