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Hunting - Complete information and tips on hunting, including everything from deer hunting and duck hunting to bow hunting and finding hunting supply retailers.

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From deer hunting to duck hunting, appreciating nature's bounty

Not everyone will agree, but many consider hunting to be one of the most intimate connections with nature a person can experience. The attention to surroundings, hours of quiet contemplation and pride in gathering food in the way of our ancestors can be rewarding.

Aside from the natural element, hunting is also a highly regulated sport, with designated seasons for specific animals and guidelines for the number of kills each hunter is permitted. You’ll want to research your area’s guidelines and obtain proper permits before you head out on a hunting trip.

Types of Hunting

Whether you’re rifle hunting, bow hunting or using another weapon, hunting techniques are usually contingent on the type of animal you’re hunting. Take a look at a few of the most common forms of hunting and the best methods for success:

  • Deer hunting. Two common types of deer hunting are stalking and stand hunting. Stalking involves watching for signs of the deer or spotting the deer itself and then following it until a clear shot presents itself. Stand hunting involves lying in wait (often in a tree stand) in places where deer are likely to go and letting the animal come to you.
  • Duck hunting. Typically, and for most accurate results, ducks are hunted while they are in the water. Hunters use two methods to lure ducks into shooting range – calls (mouth instruments that produce an imitation duck call) and decoys (imitation ducks that are floated in the water). A hunter will wait behind a “blind,” which could be a bush or in the reeds, and take the duck by surprise before it has a chance to fly away. The preferred weapon for duck hunting is a 12 gauge shotgun.
  • Turkey hunting. Turkey hunting may not be as common as the other types listed here, but for many it’s a tradition and a skill to be passed on. Turkey hunts can take place in the wild or on designated hunting farms. The weapon of choice is again a...

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