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Water fun includes seadoos, water-skis and powerboats. Tear up the waves this summer on your new jet ski. Start here and find out all you need to know about jet power.

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Jet Power

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Jet Power

It ain't rocket science

While you might feel like you've hit warp factor 10 in these powerful vessels, jet propulsion is as close as your local outdoor shop. Both high-powered jet boats and motorcycle-style PWCs operate on the same principle - the vessel is propelled by water shot out the back of the craft - no propellers involved. Originally designed to navigate New Zealand's shallow, fast-flowing rivers, today's jet-powered watercraft are found world-wide and can take you almost anywhere. And unlike powerboats , jet boats can stop fairly quickly by reversing the engines in a trick called the “Hamilton Turn.”

Jet boats

Another wide-ranging powerboat, jet boats can be a modest 12 feet or reach lengths of 60 feet or more. Fast and maneuverable, they can be speed-of-light cruisers for the fastest day trip ever. But be warned, these boats become difficult to steer when the motor cuts out. And though they're capable of wending through shallow waterways, their sensitive engines can quickly get clogged with weeds, silt, mud and litter.

Prices range as widely as the models, with small jet boats starting at $15,000 and climbing to well over a million. Used models start at about $3,000 and rise accordingly.

Personal Watercraft (PWC)

WaveRunner, Jet Ski or Sea-Doo - they're all personal watercraft (PWC). Designed to hold a lone water-ranger or a posse of four, these high-powered water broncos are straddled as you would a horse, and are just as fun to r...

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