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Scaling Mount Everest seems to be the “in thing” at the moment, so if you’re planning on joining the crowd you’ll need a good pair of mountaineering boots to do it! Please read on for more detailed information in the following article.

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Mountaineering Boots

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Mountaineering Boots

For climbing and traversing the high country

Scaling Mount Everest seems to be the “in thing” at the moment, so if you’re planning on joining the crowd you’ll need a good pair of mountaineering boots to do it. These hiking boots are built to stand up to tremendous abuse, and they’re designed to keep your feet warm, dry and protected while doing it. Mountaineering boots are especially designed for climbing on snow and ice and are made so you can attach special climbing spikes called crampons onto the bottom of them.

Some types of mountaineering boots are similar to hiking boot designs. These boots can also be used for on and off-trail hiking while carrying moderate to heavy backpacking loads. They’re very durable and supportive and they provide a high level of ankle and foot protection. Most of them are specifically designed for rough and rocky terrain.

Some mountaineering boots have hard plastic shells with pivots at the ankles almost like skiing boots. This type of mountaineering boot works best with ice climbing, but isn’t really comfortable for long hikes. More flexible boots use leather and highly technical fabrics for support, comfort and breathability. Mountaineering boots also have additional insulation in them to protect against extreme cold temperatures.

You can also get plastic mountaineering boots which are designed for extreme conditions. These have a warm insulating liner with a firm plastic shell. They are ideal for fighting off extreme cold and moisture. These boots are quick drying, durable, and comfortable, but they may be heavy and awkward to walk in

Waterproof and water resistant leather boots that have rubber shank/lug soles are more precise on steeper climbs. These boots resemble hiking boots when walking on firm surfaces and are lighter than plastic boots. They’re ideal for climbing on snow, ice and rock terrain. These boots generally have polyurethane midsoles for shock absorption, gusseted tong...

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