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Buying a boat is a major purchase, and if you're new to boating, you need to do your homework beforehand. To speed up the long, cold winter, brush up on your boat knowledge.

Shelburne Shipyard
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Shelburne Shipyard

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Bruce Hill Yacht Sales, Inc.
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Boats R Fun
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Spirit Of Ethan Allen Iii
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Lake Champlain Cruises
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Marine Collection
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Waterfront Boat Rental
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Winds Of Ireland
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New or Used Boats

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New or Used Boats

How to buy a boat

Once you've narrowed down your boating choices , it's time to decide whether to buy new or used. Just like some people only buy new cars and custom-built houses, others are equally obstinate about saving money with fixer-uppers. Depending who you talk to, you could end up buying off the lot every time, or scouring the classifieds for months. Before you commit your time, money and heart to a new nautical member of the family, examine the pros and cons for each.

Be Boat Smart

Buying a boat is a major purchase, and if you're new to boating, you need to do your homework beforehand. To speed up the long, cold winter, brush up on your boat knowledge:

  • Read boating publications
  • Talk to other boaters
  • Visit boat dealers and marinas
  • Attend boat shows

Rent a Boat

This often overlooked option will give you hands-on experience you can't get at a boat show. Unlike cars or RVs, you can rent boats by the hour, the day or the week. Even though most rental companies offer only the basic models, renting can help you and your family see what a boating vacation is like on the water, not just on paper.

But it's not just a matter of slapping down your driver's license and a credit card and charting your course. Some boats, like sailboats , require a lot of skill and more than one person to operate. Expect to be asked to demonstrate your boating skills before being allowed to sail off into the sunset. Many companies offer tutorials before renting - and since you're financially responsible for the boat, this may be a smart first step.

Buying New

If you want to buy new, boat shows are the ideal place to do side-by-side comparisons between models, options and prices. If you're keen to dicker, you might be able to negotiate a better deal by pitting competing manufacturers against each other. Boat show specials can also offer boat bargains you won't find in a showroom.

The time of year can also work in your favor. If you can wait until the end of July, many dealers are eager to sell off last year's model or end–of-the-line at reduced rates.


A new boat:

  • Comes with a full warranty
  • Is considered low-risk and therefore easier to secure a loan. This often translates into better terms, lower interest rates and better down payment options.
  • Is water-ready - no need to repair or perform maintenance before you launch
  • Can get all the customized features you want


A new boat:

  • Depreciates quickly - the second you take it off the showroom floor
  • Costs substantially more than a used boat

Buying Used

A used boat is often the smartest choice for a first-time boat owner. You'll find out a lot about your boating preferences during the first year or two, and a used boat will provide a less costly learning curve. To find the broadest range of used boats, cast your net wide: newspaper classifieds, boating magazines and the Internet. If you decide to buy used, be sure to g...

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