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Global Positioning Systems, or GPS receivers or devices, are now readily available to the average consumer. We have the latest GPS devices at Nomadik.com! Please read on for more detailed information in the following article.

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Portable GPS Receivers

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Portable GPS Receivers

Space age technology meets the great outdoors

Small, portable and amazingly accurate, GPS devices make science fiction seem real. Once used exclusively by the military, Global Positioning Systems (more commonly known as GPS receivers or GPS devices) are now a must-have tool for most outdoor life enthusiasts. Since they can track anything from canoes on a river to trails throughout your favorite national park, they are fast replacing the Swiss army knife as the outdoor MVP (most valuable piece).

But not all GPS devices are created equal; the technology is evolving on an almost weekly basis, and not all units can keep up. When shopping for a GPS receiver, look for one that is versatile and will adapt to suit your changing needs. Some variables that you should consider when choosing a GPS include

  • Use: While boaters might want a waterproof unit that can float, mountain climbers and hikers won't need to pay for this extra feature. Where will you be going and how big a unit are you willing to tote?
  • Memory: When it comes to memory size and mapping functions, get the most you can afford. Make sure you select a GPS receiver that can perform all of the tasks you require, such as saving waypoints and routes in both directions (for the ingoing trip and the return journey).
  • Functions: You may want to select a GPS device that features an altimeter, a magnetic or digital compass and / or a barometer.
  • Screen: A color screen is especially helpful when you're on or near the water. They're easy to read in various light conditions and will allow you to differentiate between land and water.
  • Antenna: Built-in antennas can't snap off, but external antennas can be angled to improve reception. Plug-in versions are good when trying to pick up signals in a car, under a metal roof or below deck in a boat.
  • Speed: GPS devices function at different speeds. In general, the more channels a device has, the faster it will produce the data. However, remember that the unit might not work as quickly when in the woods as it will when you're trying it out in the store. Some models also take longer to reestablish satellite connections when you turn them off and on.
  • Power: Since GPS devices require batteries, consider a unit that has an automatic shut-off function, a built-in backup and more than one power source. Remember, the more features a GPS has, the more power it needs.
  • Size: Bigger GPS devices work better in the woods...

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