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Nothing gets the wind in your hair faster than a powerboat. Nomadik will help you get the most out of your outdoor boating adventure.

Big Boys Toys
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55 Timberline Drive
Bozeman, MT
snowmobile rental

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All Pro Marine
(406) 388-6822
126 W Rosebud Ave
Belgrade, MT
Parts, Service, Aftermarket Accessories, Trailers, Supplies, Storage

Team Bozeman Polaris Yamaha Kawasaki
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2595 Simmental Way
Bozeman, MT
Summit Motor Sports Inc
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1804 N Rouse Ave
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Stephens Welding & Construction
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16 E Cameron Bridge Rd
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Panda Sports Rentals
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621 Bridger Drive
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Hanson Marine Engines Inc
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114 E Main St
Belgrade, MT
Parts, Service, Aftermarket Accessories, Trailers, Supplies, Storage

Powerplay Motorsports
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1325 Bozeman Trail Rd
Bozeman, MT
Northern Lights Trading Co
(406) 585-2090
93 Rowland Rd
Bozeman, MT
Boatel LLC
(406) 582-0810
67 Rodeo Ct
Bozeman, MT
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Instant Gratification

With a turn of the key and a push of the throttle, a powerboat can whisk you across the water and to your destination in record time. No sails to unfurl, no oars to tote. They're the ultimate plug-and-play water tool to:

  • Explore the waterways
  • Play the day away - water ski , wave board or go tubing
  • Fly across the water in a personal water craft or jet boat
  • Escape the rat race on quiet waters

A rather generic term, powerboats can range from 10-foot-long two-seater speedboats to cruise ship-sized luxury yachts . Powerboats can be simple open boats or sleep 10 or more people. Prices are as varied as the boats themselves, but most fall between a wallet-friendly $2,000 and a budget-busting $100,000 (or much more for luxury yachts).

Regardless of how big or small, powerboats have one of three engines:

  • Outboard motors: These internal combustion engines are housed at the rear of the boat and contain the gear reduction and propeller.
  • Inboard motors: Whether mounted at the rear or in the middle, inboard motors contain everything except a shaft and a propeller inside the vessel.
  • Inboard / outboard motors: Like the name suggests, this engine is a hybrid of the two other types. The internal combustion engine is contained inboard and the gear reduction and propeller are outside.

Pleasure Boats

If you want the fun of day trips without the bother of packing for overnight trips, pleasure boats like ru...

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