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Sailboating is all about fun. Sun, wind and the wide open seas. Sit back, relax and enjoy nature at its finest. What could be better than an outdoor adventure on the high seas in a sailboat? Read on.

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From sloops to schooners

Sailboats encompass an assortment of boats that range from single-handed skiffs to tall ship schooners straight out of a Hollywood swashbuckler (think Pirates of the Caribbean). Regardless of class, these vessels have one thing in common - they rely on wind power. Although most sailboats have a motor to get you in and out of dock or back to shore in still waters, the true beauty of these ladies can only be realized with a good stiff breeze and sails unfurled.

The ships range from 12 to 50 feet or longer, and the prices stretch to match, from a pocket-friendly few grand well into the millions. Some have room for one and are for day sailing only. Others can sleep a family - or an entire crew of 50 hands or more - and are meant for high-sea adventures where you won't see the horizon for days on end.

Smooth Sailing

Steeped in tradition, sailing is responsible for many modern idioms and expressions. Sailors must be able to read tell-tale signs, lower the boom and know when to be “three sheets to the wind” while remaining stone-cold sober. If it's your first time on the open waters, take a sailing course or at the very least, sail with some who has experience and is willing to show you the ropes - literally.

And remember, the skipper isn't the only one who must be familiar with the vessel. Most sailboats require more than one person to operate and each member of your crew must know their role in handling the rig. Even passengers need to be alert enough to duck, or risk getting knocked overboard with a swinging boom.

Rules of the Waterways

Because sailboats require coordinated handling and time to maneuver, you must also know the basic rules of the water before setting sail.

  • Port yields to starboard.
  • The more maneuverable vessel gives way to the less maneuverable vessel. While this normally means that powerboats yield to sailboats, when two sailboats meet, the bigger vessel gets right of way.
  • The right...

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