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Solar Panels for Your RV Pearl MS

rising gas prices and sinking dollar values are making people seek out alternative energy means. Fortunately you don't have to look much higher than the sun.

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Solar Panels for Your RV

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Solar Panels

Be a green sun worshipper

Silent, lightweight and low-maintenance, solar panels solve many of the problems faced by RVers. Whether you boondock, camp in the wild or frequent fully-serviced campgrounds , solar panels can provide essential backup.

Why Go Solar?

Solar modules:

  • Charge batteries that power lights, water pumps, radios and microwaves.
  • Extend your battery's life. By keeping your batteries highly charged between uses, solar modules prevent the sulfate buildup that causes premature battery death.
  • Provide power when you're off the grid or have unexpected needs.

Worth the Investment

Solar power systems range from simple, affordable plug-ins to complex interconnected panels that look like something out of Star Trek and cost thousands of dollars. How much you choose to invest depends on your energy needs and the amount of sun your site normally gets. If you stay in fully-equipped campgrounds or only travel occasionally, a single panel to keep your batteries fully charged may be enough. For those who trek far from the wired-in park, a rooftop model might fit the bill.

More Than Just Panels

Regardless of whether you buy a system powerful enough to run air-conditioning or just want to keep your batteries charged at capacity, most solar-power systems have the same basic components.

  • Array: This is a panel (or a system of panels) that creates electricity when exposed to sunlight.
  • Batteries: These store the energy created by the solar panels. They provide power when the sun isn't shining or when you use more power than the panels can provide. Note: Small systems with only one appliance may not need a battery.
  • Charge Controller: This prevents the solar panels from overcharging the batteries, which can damage them.
  • Inverter: Energy is produced and stored as DC current. Since most appliances use AC current, inverters convert DC power to AC, so you can run your appliances.
  • Monitor: Like a ga...

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