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Take Your Rock Climbing Skills to the Mountain

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Rock Climbing

Take your rock climbing skills to the mountain

There can be a bitter rivalry between mountain-climbing aficionados and indoor rock-climbing junkies, but both forms of rock climbing are challenging and fun, and provide a great workout. Before you make the choice, we’ll give you a rundown of each and give you a tutorial on all the gear you need before you get vertical.

Indoor Rock Climbing

You’ve probably seen indoor rock climbing schools or facilities in your home city, but if you’ve never gone in one, here’s what you can expect.

An indoor rock climbing wall is meant to simulate a real mountain face, with its jagged, rough texture and variety of footholds and handholds to negotiate. It’s a great place to start for beginners, since you can choose your level of difficulty, plus indoor rock climbing schools have instructors on hand to teach you climbing techniques. They can also show you how to scout a climbing route as well as instruct you on the various safety protocols regarding your climbing equipment.

You’ll also learn about belaying, which is the process of using a climbing harness and pulley to secure a climber during their climb, so should they fall, they won’t fall very far. Belaying is usually done in pairs, where the rope is managed either a lead climber (for experienced climbers) or by someone on the ground (which is best for beginners). Highly experienced climbers can self-belay, but it is not recommended for anyone who isn’t comfortable with climbing.

Outdoor Rock Climbing

Outdoor rock or mountain climbing works on all the same principles of indoor climbing, but provides a greater sense of adventure and is generally the more dangerous of the two options.

Climbs are higher, and footholds and handholds are less predictable and harder to find in outdoor climbing. You’ll also have to face the elements in outdoor rock climbing. Wind, heat and especially rain can make your climb significantly more difficult, both mentally...

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