Telemark Skiing - Assess Your Skill Middletown RI

Telemark skiing requires much skill and practice before you master the sport. Expect to fall a lot when you are attempting Telemark skiing.

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Telemark Skiing - Assess Your Skill

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Is Telemark Skiing Right for You?

First learn to ski, then learn to telemark ski

Nothing revs the freewheeling skiing engine like a full-blown trek though the backcountry on telemark skis. We’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: If you’re new to the sport, perfect your basic skills before attempting to telemark ski in unfamiliar territory.

With a steeper learning curve than alpine skiing, telemark skiing requires instruction, practice time and buckets of energy. Complicated leg movements and foot-arm coordination become fluid over time but can be difficult to master. This explains why you’ll never fear the backcountry becoming overrun with telemark skiers.

As a beginner, watch others attentively, preferably telemark skiers with better skills than your own. Study body and arm movements, examine foot placement and then try to mimic them. Look carefully at where other skiers place their poles and where you feel comfortable placing yours. How far should the leg extend in the back? How far down do the knees bend? Are you too low? Once you’ve perfected the art of impersonation, try your first telemark turns.

We love that you don’t need expensive telemark equipment to get started. A good old-fashioned pair of cross-country skis will do the job nicely.

Ready to learn about some of the more interesting moves of the sport? The International Ski Federation governs three types of telemark skiing: Telemark Giant Slalom, Telemark Classic, and Telemark Sprint Clas...

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