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Adventurous outdoor-life enthusiasts may choose to sleep under the stars, but most camping and hiking enthusiasts prefer the comfort and sense of safety and security that a tent provides.

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Tents and Tent Information

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Giving mobile homes new meaning

Although the test of a true outdoor life enthusiast may be their willingness to sleep under the stars protected only by a sleeping bag , most fair-weather campers and hikers know that only a few nights a year provide the idyllic conditions required to ditch, not pitch, the tent. For winter campers and mountain climbers, tents are a necessity, not just a privacy barrier between you and the local wildlife.

With this in mind, Nomadik pitched plenty of tents to find the most outdoor-friendly versions on the market and organized them into the following groups:

  • Three-season tents : These will protect you from the elements in every season but winter. Waterproof and windproof, they're designed to keep mosquitoes out but let air flow in.
  • Four season tents : Also known as expedition or mountaineering tents, these shelters can withstand harsh winter weather and are reinforced to endure gales.
  • Bivy sacks : Short for bivouac sack, this tent-sleeping bag combination is a lightweight solution for kayakers, climbers, cyclists and anyone who wants to travel far and fast.
  • Convertible tents : If you don't do a lot of winter camping but occasionally camp in cooler conditions, this might be for you.
  • Solo tents : Coming in a variety of sizes to fit your height, these single-person tents also hold a minimum of gear. Whether you're trekking alone or just want some private space, these are a lightweight, flexible option.
  • Warm-weather tents : Also known as summer or two-season tents, these totable canopies let you enjoy the summer breezes without the bugs.
  • Family tents : Whether “extended” refers to the length of your trip or the size of your family, these large marquees make extended treks more comfortable. The most deluxe versions are usually carried by car, but lighter versions are available for your backpacking bunch.

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