Wardrobe Basics Derry NH

Is your wardrobe ready to hit nature's catwalk? Find out how to dress for all your outdoor life adventures.

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Wardrobe Basics

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Wardrobe Basics

Separate fact from fashion for survival

Sensible is in this season (and every season). For those who'd rather strut their stuff on the trail than the catwalk, outdoor adventure will always be in vogue.

Lots of Layers

Never assume that Gros Morne National Park will be sweltering in July or that the mercury dips below freezing every Ontario autumn. Weather is always unpredictable, especially in wilderness zones or at high altitudes.

To ensure you don't get caught with your long johns down during a late spring freeze, bring extra clothes in a variety of weights and dress in layers. Always bring at least one more layer than you think you'll need when you venture out in the morning. You can always tie a light jacket around your waist if you get too warm, but if the temperature drops you'll be glad for the extra haul.

Sensible Shoes

While fashion doesn't top the priority list of most hikers, getting the right shoe for the job is almost as important as the compass. Sturdy hiking boots might protect you from gravel on rough trails but are too cumbersome on a boat. Likewise, the deck shoes that allow you to scamper about on board aren't going to grip dry trails and will quickly fill with pebbles and dust. All-purpose running shoes might be fine for family-friendly trails, but you'd be wise to leave your high-priced high-tops at home and invest in a pair designed for walking long distances across uneven terrain. If your outdoor plans range from horseback riding to hiking, leave space in your luggage for boots and / or shoes for each activity.


Winter or summer, pack your sunglasses. Whether you're boating, hiking, camping or soaking up the sun on a mountain top, sun glare can reduce visibility and permanently damage your eyes. While the frame style is a matter of taste, lenses should always offer both UVA and UVB protection, and be plastic. It's also worth the extra cost to get a polarized pair to reduce glare even furthe...

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